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Surf Lifesaving Bronzed Aussie Series

Beautiful resin trophy with an antique look. Depicts surf lifesaving board & flag against a geometric background with a 25mm

1st 2nd 3rd Trophy

1st 2nd and 3rd Place resin Trophies. Look fantastic. Sizes 1st 210mm, 2nd, 180mm, 3rd 150mm

A/Rules Novelty Resin

AFL Novelty Resin 170mm Free Engraving. Fast Shipping Australia Wide

AFL Trophy Fame Series

Classic footy trophy series that champions the iconic aussie rules football. Fame trophies suitable for players of all ages, available

AFL Trophy Lightning Series Male and Female

AFL TROPHY – Male and Female Lightning Series. 6 Sizes Great Value great prices. 145mm, 175mm 210mm, 250mm, 300mm and 

AFL Trophy Mega Stars Male and Female

AFL TROPHY – Male and Female Mega Star Series. 7 Sizes Great Value great prices. 125mm, 150mm, 175mm 200mm, 225mm, 

AFL Trophy Portal Series

AFL Trophy. New Trophy Portal Series. Great Value for Participation awards. Sizes: 150mm 175mm 200mm 230mm 280mm Fast Shipping to

AFL Trophy Twister Series

Brilliant and dynamic design perfect for your footy club. Against an eye-catching background sits an appealing theme comprised of ball

AFL Trophy V Series

The Aussie Rules V-Series is a prestigious trophy series showcasing a player kicking a footy ball against the iconic V-design

AFL Trophy Xplode Tower Series

Xplode Footy series is available in 3 sizes and features a unique design – the spectacular marking contest at the

ALF Trophy Standout Series

AFL Trophy. Footy Trophy Standout Design available in 6 Sizes. Online sizes: 180mm 205mm 230mm 270mm 335mm Fast Shipping, Sydney

All Action Hero Surf Lifesaving

Silver abstract surf lifesaving trophy depicting a lifesaver on a board. Free engraving with purchase. Three sizes.110mm, 125mm, 145mm

Athletics Character Trophy

Generic character trophy perfect for junior athletes. One size only.

Athletics Trophy – Alpha Shield

Athletics trophy with generic track theme. Three sizes: 120mm, 140mm, 155mm.

Athletics Trophy Angel Victory Tower

New for 2020, Athletics themed trophy from the Angel Victory tower series. Four sizes 150mm, 175mm, 195mm, 225mm. Free engraving.

Athletics Trophy Budget Shield

Budget track and field athletics trophy in antique gold. Three sizes: 130mm, 155mm, 180mm.

Athletics Trophy Challenger Series

Athletics trophy with 1st, 2nd, 3rd placement theme. Includes space for a logo insert. Free engraving. 125mm – 3rd Place 150mm

Athletics Trophy Lion Character

Fun athletics trophy for kids featuring a lion character in a running pose. Free engraving. Trophy does not include for

Athletics Trophy Podium Series

Budget track trophy for your athletics team in 2020. Three sizes: 105mm, 130mm, 155mm.

Athletics Trophy Running Shield

Athletics running themed trophy in three sizes: 135mm, 155mm, 205mm.

Athletics Trophy Vanguard Series

Male and female themed athletics trophy, perfect way to recognise a track star. Three sizes: 145mm, 165mm, 185mm.