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Cricket Trophy Double Diamond Series

Cricket Trophy Double Diamond Series 120mm, 140mm Check out our Bulk Prices over 50 Units. Free Engraving

Cricket Trophy Ezi Rez 7 Series

New Cricket Trophy Ezi Rez Series. 4 x Sizes. 130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm. Note that the smallest size does not

Cricket Trophy Generic Lynx Theme

Generic cricket trophy from the Lynx series. Free engraving. 4 x Sizes 150, 175, 210, 245mm

Cricket Trophy Lion

Cricket Trophy Lion 125mm. Free Engraving. Does not allow for logo

Cricket Trophy Little Champs Series

Great Players Trophy. Logo and Engraving Included in price.  Trophy is in one size 130mm. Male Only

Cricket Trophy Little Star Series

Little Star Series. Best Seller. 130mm. Free Engraving and Logo

Cricket Trophy Male Fielder Swish Series 125mm

Cricket trophy with a male fielder figure. Resin, silver with gold accents. Perfect for your male fielder for the 2018

Cricket Trophy Maverick Series

NEW! Cricket trophy, Maverick Series summer 2019 design. 3 sizes available. Engraving included. 120mm – Small 140mm – Medium 155mm

Cricket Trophy Mini Star

Cricket trophy from the mini star range. A great budget option for your cricket Presentation Does Not allow for Club

Cricket Trophy Polaris Series

Polaris series offers a striking design of trophy with excellent options for personalisation. Trophies showcase an iconic cricket theme over number of sizes. Space for your 25mm logo if required.
cricket batsman trophy portal series

Cricket Trophy Portal Series

The Portal Trophy series perfectly captures a cricket bowler in motion. The design also features the iconic cricket ball with

Cricket Trophy Redux Series

Cricket Trophy Redux Series NEW for 2020. Great Participation Award. 110mm, 130mm, 150mm.

Cricket Trophy Shazam Series

Cricket male batsman trophy from the Shazam series. Resin trophy in an antique gold finish. Includes centre insert for your

Cricket Trophy Sierra Tower 2D

Cricket Trophy Sierra Tower. 3 x Sizes. 90mm, 110mm, 130mm. Note that smallest size does not allow for logo

Cricket Trophy Smiling Series

Cricket smiling character trophy, one size. Great new design. Check Out Our Bulk Price on over 50 Units Free Engraving

Cricket Trophy Super Mini Cosmos

Super Mini Cosmos Cricket Trophy. Great For Participation Awards. Only one Size, and does not allow for Club Logo. 120mm.

Cricket Trophy Theme Cosmos Series

Cricket Trophy Theme, cosmos Series. Great Participation Award. NMTG Recommended. 150mm, 175mm, 200mm 

Cricket Trophy Theme Flag Series

Cricket Trophy Flag Series Theme. Great for Participation Awards. 135mm, 155mm, 175mm

Cricket Trophy Theme Peak Series

Cricket Trophy Theme Series 180mm, 200mm, 225mm