Surf Lifesaving Trophies. 2020 Catalogues now available on request
“Surfing is attitude dancing.”
NMTG has a large range of Surf Life trophies. Whether you need a Surf Lifesaving trophy, Surf Lifesaving medal, Surf Life Saving plaque or more, our Surf Life saving awards come with fast turnaround and 100% customer satisfaction. If you need further information, just click on our chat icon, or give us a call on 1300245284. Email  Discounts available on quantities over 50 of any single item.

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Surf Lifesaving Bronzed Aussie Series

Beautiful resin trophy with an antique look. Depicts surf lifesaving board & flag against a geometric background with a 25mm

All Action Hero Surf Lifesaving

Silver abstract surf lifesaving trophy depicting a lifesaver on a board. Free engraving with purchase. Three sizes.110mm, 125mm, 145mm

Budget Surf Lifesaving Trophy

Great Value Participation Nippers trophy. 3 Sizes and Free Engraving 105mm, 125mm, 145mm

Cosmos Series Surf Lifesaving

Cosmos Series available in 3 Sizes  150mm, 175mm, 200mm

Elliptical Series Surf Lifesaving

Elliptical series surf lifesaving trophy. Silver with gold details. Includes centre for your logo. Free engraving with purchase. Three sizes.

Lifesaving Trophy Mini Cosmos 120mm

Lifesaving Trophy Mini Cosmos 120mm (Note does NOT allow for a logo)

Lifesaving Trophy Peak Series

Lifesaving Trophy Peak Series 3 Sizes 180mm, 200mm, 225mm

Lynx Series Surf Lifesaving Trophy

Another great trophy from the quality resin Lynx series. This surf lifesaving trophy depicts a lifesaver silhouette with the famous

Shooting Star Surf Lifeaving Trophy

Shooting Star Ceramic trophy. 2 x Sizes 125mm and 150mm. Great Value with Free Engraving Ceramic Piece. No logo

Silhouette Series Surf Lifesaving Trophy

Silhouette series surf life saving trophy. Includes a centre for your logo. Free engraving. Great Value 125mm, 150mm, 180mm

Surf Life Saving Flexee

Flexee Surf Lifesaving. Male and Female Free Engraving. Does not allow for logo

Surf Lifesaving Trophy Shield Series

New in the Shield series, Surf Lifesaving trophy. Beautiful silver & gold trophy depicting surf lifesaving flags & board against

Surf Lifesaving Trophy Standard Series

Standard series surf lifesaving trophy. Great Value Participation award. Call the office to get a great price on over 50

Surf Lifesaving Trophy. Wave Series

A beautiful, best selling resin trophy! This trophy with an abstract wave design features the famous surf lifesaving items: the

Surf Lifesaving Challenger Series

Surf Lifesaving Challenger series. 3 x Sizes. 125mm, 150mm, 175mm. Free Logo and Engraving

Surf Lifesaving Little Star

Surf Life Saving Little Star. 130mm. Free logo and Engraving

Surf Lifesaving Peak Series

Surf lifesaving trophy from the Peak series. Includes centre for your logo or emblem. Free engraving. 180mm, 200mm, 225mm

Surf Lifesaving Plaque.

Surf Lifesaving Plaque. 3 x Sizes. 150mm, 175mm, 200mm

Surf Lifesaving Resin Trophy

Great value resin trophy depicting a generic surf lifesaving ‘portrait’ set against an abstract background of Australia. Includes insert for

Surf Lifesaving Shirt Icon Trophy

Lifesaving Shirt Icon With Your Club Logo. Great Prices on bulk orders over 50 3 x sizes 125mm, 150, 175mm

Surf Lifesaving Silver Reel Trophy 155mm

Surf Reel Trophy – One Size only and does not allow for Logo