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NMTG really does have an Award and Trophy that is suitable for every occasion. . So whatever your budget, we will work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction.If you have questions about any of the products, call 1300 245 284 or email We are here to help you in any way we can. So no matter how strange you think your request is, we will do our best to assist you. Just click on our chat. Remember, 
Have your award expertly engraved to the highest quality every time. Remember that no order is too big or too small, and please call us direct if you need any assistance in choosing your trophies.

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Athletics Character Trophy

Generic character trophy perfect for junior athletes. One size only.

Athletics Trophy – Alpha Shield

Athletics trophy with generic track theme. Three sizes: 120mm, 140mm, 155mm.

Athletics Trophy Angel Victory Tower

New for 2020, Athletics themed trophy from the Angel Victory tower series. Four sizes 150mm, 175mm, 195mm, 225mm. Free engraving.

Athletics Trophy Budget Shield

Budget track and field athletics trophy in antique gold. Three sizes: 130mm, 155mm, 180mm.

Athletics Trophy Challenger Series

Athletics trophy with 1st, 2nd, 3rd placement theme. Includes space for a logo insert. Free engraving. 125mm – 3rd Place 150mm

Athletics Trophy Lion Character

Fun athletics trophy for kids featuring a lion character in a running pose. Free engraving. Trophy does not include for

Athletics Trophy Lynx Series

Generic athletics trophy from the high quality resin Lynx series. The trophy shows a runner’s shoe & stopwatch with an

Athletics Trophy Podium Series

Budget track trophy for your athletics team in 2020. Three sizes: 105mm, 130mm, 155mm.

Athletics Trophy Running Shield

Athletics running themed trophy in three sizes: 135mm, 155mm, 205mm.

Athletics Trophy Vanguard Series

Male and female themed athletics trophy, perfect way to recognise a track star. Three sizes: 145mm, 165mm, 185mm.

Athletics Trophy Vibe Series

Budget athletics trophy from the Vibe series. One size only 115mm.

Cross Country Trophy Peak Series

Cross country Trophy Peak Series 3 Sizes 180mm, 200mm, 225mm

Equinox Cup Gold

Equinox Cup available in 5 Great Colours and 4 x Sizes

Shield Series Athletics

Generic themed athletics trophy from the new, high quality shield series. Suitable for male and female athletics. Free Engraving. 100mm,

Shooting Star Athletics

Great budget athletics trophy from the colorful shooting star series. Two sizes. 125mm and 150mm

Track and Field Heroes Female 160mm

Heroes series track and field trophy, female version. Detailed resin trophy on a base, with engraving on gold plate. Trophy

Track and Field Heroes Male 160mm

Heroes series track and field trophy, male version. Detailed resin trophy on a base, with engraving on gold plate. Trophy

Track Fastfix Budget Series 160mm

Track and field budget silver trophy. Free engraving.

Track Fastfix Gold Series 165mm

Track quality gold trophy from the Fastfix series. The base includes a 25mm centre for your logo next to the

Track Podium Fastfix Series Gold 240mm

Great quality & value for money gold swimming trophy from the Fastfix Podium series. Includes a 25mm center for your

Track Trophy Astro Series

Athletics (track) trophy, new for 2020. Three sizes: 110mm, 130mm, 150mm.