Fishing Trophies
 NMTG has a large range of Fishing trophies. Whether you need a Fishing trophy, Fishing medal, Fishing plaque or more, our Fishing awards come with fast turnaround and 100% customer satisfaction. If you need further information, just click on our chat icon, or give us a call on 1300245284.

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Fishing trophy – Marlin 190mm

Also available is tuna, Salmon, Trout and Bream

Fishing Trophy 170mm

Available in Many Sizes

Fishing Trophy Ezi Rez Series

Fishing Trophy 7A-7Fin – Fishing Trophy  130mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm All New Fishing Trophy

Fishing Trophy Peak Series

Peak – Fishing P203 – Peak Fishing 180mm, 200mm, 225mm The Peak Series is an innovative trophy series offering super

Fishing Trophy Rod & Reel

Fishing Reel A1330B – Fishing Reel 190mm, 220mm The Fishing Reel trophies feature excellent detail and brilliant gold and silver

Fishing trophy Salmon

Fishing Trophy on Marble Base 11911 – Fishing Trophy Salmon 190mm  

Fishing Trophy Shield

Fishing Gold Shield 13503 – Fishing Shield 135mm, 155mm, 210mm Classic wreath and shield inspired design, the Fishing Trophy Gold

Fishing trophy Tuna 185mm

Lots of sizes and other fish varieties available.

Fishing Trophy V-Series

Fishing V-Series 21403 – Fishing V-Series 155mm, 185mm, 220mm The V-Series trophy range features a victory inspired design and brilliantly

Marlin 215mm

Marlin, Tuna, Salmon, trout, Bream all available

Ribbon Star Silver

Silver/Ribbon Star DF9065 –  Silver/Ribbon Star 180mm, 210mm, 235mm, 260mm, 285mm Attractive Ribbon Star trophies present an eye-catching design over

Super Size fish trophy 320mm

Free Engraving on all Fishing trophies

Super Size Marlin 345mm

Super size Marlin is in 2 Sizes, 220mm and 345mm. Free engraving

Trophy Ribbon Star Gold

Red Ribbon Star DF9049 – Dance Red Ribbon Star 180mm, 210mm, 235mm, 260mm, 285mm Attractive Ribbon Star trophies present an